Medical Detox

What is Detox?

Drug and alcohol Detox

Heavy and sustained alcohol or other drug use takes an enormous toll on your physical and emotional health. A detox period is typically needed before you can benefit from rehab.

Getting a Stable Start

Going through withdrawal can feel like having a terrible case of the flu. Nausea, body ache, fever, and fatigue are common withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, depression, restlessness, and irritability can occur as well. Medical staff at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's inpatient treatment centers in Minnesota, California and Oregon have expertise in helping you detox comfortably and safely from alcohol, opioids and other drugs so you can engage fully in your treatment program.

Medically Supervised - Because withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs can be life threatening, our detox process is medically supervised.

Medication - Our medical staff may use medications to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal. The type of detox medication used depends on the severity of addiction, type of substance abused and other factors.

Detox Period - If you are admitted to any of our inpatient rehab programs, your care will begin with a 24-hour detoxification period, sometimes longer depending on your situation.

Once you are medically stable, you will be transferred to your treatment unit where you will start your addiction treatment program. You may continue to be medically monitored to make sure your symptoms continue to improve and adjustments can be made to your treatment plan as needed.

For many who enter addiction treatment, detox is the first step in the recovery process. Medical detox is the phase in which individuals clear all traces of the addictive substance from their body while the physical symptoms of withdrawal are managed by medical professionals.

Detox is a vital step in addiction recovery because it allows individuals to enter into a residential treatment program with a clean slate to begin healing physically, mentally and emotionally with no substances in their systems. We provide onsite medically supervised detox at many of our centers.


Why is Detox Necessary?

During the detox phase, medical professionals will determine the drug or alcohol levels in an individual's body in order to decide the best way to ease them off of the addictive substance. Once withdrawal symptoms begin, nurses or doctors can monitor vital signs and manage symptoms with medications if necessary. Because some symptoms of withdrawal can be painful, medical staff can make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible.

When a person's body is physically dependent on a substance, missing the usual dosage will cause imbalances that lead to withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms may begin a few hours after the missed dosage of the substance. Without knowing how severely the body depends on the substance or the severity of the symptoms, trying to detox or manage withdrawal from substances at home without medical supervision is not recommended as withdrawal from any substance can cause dangerous or life-threatening complications.

At New Steps Recovery Center, our Board Certified medical professionals are available 24/7 to supervise patient detox. Not only does this ensure a healthy and safe withdrawal, but it also leads to higher chances of recovery from treatment.

The medical detox process begins immediately after the patient arrives at the detox center and goes through intake. The length of the detox process depends on the patient's medical history, the type of substance they used and how long they used the substance. Withdrawal symptoms can last a few days or even a couple of weeks. In most cases, medical detox will last between 7 to 14 days.

While medical detox may cleanse a person's body of the addictive substance, it does not treat the underlying behavioral causes of addiction or treat the effects. Medical detox must be followed by therapy and other forms of rehabilitation. A residential treatment program, which often follows detox, may take between 30 and 90 days.


Treating the whole person to heal and restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

If you or someone you love has a drug or alcohol problem, our  recovery center is here to help. You may have tried to quit on your own and found that you couldn’t, and therefore you need help from a rehab center. The New Steps Recovery Center, utilizes an integrative approach that combines traditional medical detox with a holistic 12-step program and naturopathic treatments to successfully help individuals struggling with heroin, drug and alcohol addiction achieve long-term recovery. By treating the whole person, we work to identify the root cause of the addiction and then begin to heal and restore balance; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

New Steps Recovery believes everyone deserves affordable addiction treatment, thus, providing the most affordable heroin, alcohol and drug treatment pricing nationwide. With our competitive price point, effective traditional medical detox, holistic therapies, and a variety of treatment options, The New Steps Recovery Center in Arizona continues to deliver as the nation’s premier heroin, drug & alcohol treatment, and detox centers.


You will be residing in a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment while receiving both medical and naturopathic treatment care throughout your stay. We pride ourselves on providing you with an addiction detox rehab program in a home like setting. Your personalized addiction detoxification program will be determined and monitored by our key Medical Doctor. In addition, you will be in the hands of our highly experienced Naturopathic Doctor, and professional staff members who will be watching over you 24-hours per day.



November 10, 2017